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About Saipan

Founded in 2019, Saipan is now a hot favourite ramen restaurant among locals!

Saipan offers a great variety of ramens for its customers to choose from, from the popular Tonkotsu Ramen to the Korean ramen, Jajangmyeon. However, even though Saipan's speciality lies in its creation of ramen, it is not limited to only ramen dishes, we also provide customers with a multitude of choices for their side-dishes! This includes gyozas, fried chicken and many more! Furthermore, you can buy everything as a set, with each set including a main dish, a side dish and a drink!

Hungry? Want to try something non-local? Eat at Saipan now!


"Once you take a bite you can't stop!"

"Tastes just like Japan"

"Definately a must try"